Chick-pea cream, spice oil, toast, pomegranate
2.990 Ft
Steak Tartare
5.590 Ft


Goulash soup
3.000 Ft
Hen soup a la Ede Újházy
2.500 Ft

The Classics

Pan fried pork cutlets, slambuc, cucumbers
5.800 Ft
The Devil’s Lángos
5.800 Ft
BBQ Spare ribs (50 dkg), potato, fried onions
6.600 Ft

Main Course

Salmon steak with citrus risotto
6.490 Ft
Tenderloin steak with green pepper sauce and roasted vegetables
12.000 Ft
Pecan crusted gomolya cheese (sheep milk cheese) with Waldorf salad
11.000 Ft
Duck legs with cabbage, mashed sweet potato and cherry
6.990 Ft


Cucumber salad
1.250 Ft
Tomato salad
1.250 Ft
Cabbage salad
1.250 Ft
Pickled cucumber
1.250 Ft
Apple and pear compote
1.250 Ft


Sour cream
120 Ft