Steak Tartare
3.650 Ft
Tuna Salad with poached egg
2.860 Ft
Guacamole, nachos chips, cheddar cheese, chili
2.420 Ft


Újházy Chickensoup
1.650 Ft
Ragout soup Palóc style
1.980 Ft
Roasted pepper cream soup, corn dumpling
1.650 Ft
Raspberry soup with pavlova
1.650 Ft

The Classics

Goulash soup
1.980 Ft
THE BREADED – Pork tenderloin with potato salad
3.920 Ft
The Devil’s Lángos
3.400 Ft
Pork Hock (75 dkg), potato chips, ratatouille
4.400 Ft
BBQ Spare ribs (50 dkg), potato, fried onions
4.200 Ft
Caesar salad with chicken breast
2.940 Ft

Main Course

Glazed baby chicken & lemon dripped potatoes, with minted yoghurt
3.300 Ft
Chicken steak with meditteren salad
3.300 Ft
Chicken Cordon bleu with rice
3.300 Ft
Rib-eye steak (30 dkg 100% angus), sweet potatoes
7.920 Ft
Omaha steak (20 dkg 100% premium angus), baked onions and spinach
9.800 Ft
Salmon steak with citrus risotto
3.500 Ft
Fish and chips
3.300 Ft
Spit-roasted pork cutlets, potato chips, pickles
3.600 Ft
Grilled ewe cheese with celery salad and nuts
3.020 Ft
Stuffed pepper with buckwheat and mashed cauliflower
2.750 Ft


Spaghetti Bolognese
2.940 Ft
Spinach-ricotta tagliatelle with salvia butter
2.860 Ft


Cucumber salad
670 Ft
Leavened cucumbers
670 Ft
Fresh cabbage salad
670 Ft
Tomato salad
670 Ft


Curd dumplings, maracuja
1.300 Ft
Lava cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry
1.300 Ft
Lemon cake
1.300 Ft


Black pepper sauce
330 Ft
Mushroom sauce
330 Ft
Mint yoghurt
330 Ft
Sour cream
330 Ft