Steak Tartare
4.900 Ft
Smoky eggplant spread with fresh home made bread
2.890 Ft


Rich pork bone soup
1.890 Ft

The Classics

Goulash soup
2.400 Ft
The Devil’s Lángos
4.600 Ft
Caesar salad with chicken breast
3.750 Ft

Main Course

Chicken steak with meditteren salad
3.990 Ft
Tenderloin steak with green pepper sauce and roasted vegetables
9.490 Ft
Spaghetti Bolognese
3.600 Ft
Rib-eye steak (30 dkg 100% angus), sweet potatoes
7.090 Ft
Salmon steak with citrus risotto
5.500 Ft


Cucumber salad
990 Ft
Leavened cucumbers
990 Ft
Tomato salad
990 Ft
Cabbage salad
990 Ft


Hungarian trifle
1.790 Ft